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I started my fitness journey at 15 years old when I fell in love with kickboxing and achieved my black belt after 2 years of training and competing before branching out to other martial arts such as Muay Thai, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Through coaching I found a real passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals leading me to start personal training and complete a degree in Strength and Conditioning Science at St Mary's University. This course educated me in the science of correct training methods for various fitness goals. I'm am a massive advocate of an evidence based approach to training and nutrition.


Level 3 Personal Trainer

Degree in Strength and Conditioning Science

10+ Years of Martial Arts Experience

Competitive Olympic Weightlifter

BWL Accredited Weightlifting & Powerlifting Coach

Whether you are a complete beginner or advanced trainee, I am highly motivated in my efforts to help you achieve your fitness goals. I aim to not only help train and motivate you, but pass on the technique and information to help you maintain and keep these results in the future. I can bring the gym to you with remote personal training or offer personalised online coaching for a variety of fitness goals.

Whether you need training, nutritional help or simply motivation, I would be happy to help. If you have any inquiries please feel free to get in touch through Facebook, email, Instagram or phone.


Fat Loss, Nutition & Weight Management

Beginner to Advanced Strength Training

Boxing/Kickboxing Pad Work, Fitness & Technique

Injury Rehab

Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning

Olympic Weightlifting & Powerlifting

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Simon has trained me and various members of my family for 4 years now. He is extremely thoughtful, clearly very capable and, most importantly, a pleasure to be around. He continually refines and refreshes my programme which keeps me interested and challenged and my progress is testament to his skill. I have recommended him to others and would certainly do so again. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

- Chris

I began training with Simon at David Lloyd and we immediately hit it off. He was very approachable and friendly. I was a complete​ exercise beginner but he made me feel comfortable and reassured. I have lost almost 15kg in just under a years training and have improved my fitness ten fold using a combination of normal gym exercises and boxing sessions. I would definitely recommend him if you're interested in losing weight but are intimidated by training alone.

- Meen

Simon is great at adapting the exercises to your fitness level and pushes you in a nice manner - not one of those trainers shouting at you. He will just ease you onto the exercises, explain the benefits of it and if for any reason it does not feel right (joint pain for example) he will quickly substitute it. You can tell he is very passionate about exercise and fitness and likes sharing it with others. He is very patient and he will adapt to each customer needs, requirements and goals.

- Loreto

My husband and I are both competitive triathletes and have been for several years. We came to Simon after reading his strength and conditioning experience. Since training with him, we have realised the importance of strength training and in depth coaching. We have both improved our weakest portion of the race and are still taking minutes off our times. Brilliant coach.

- Lynn

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